AllergyCast popular and innovative application designed to assist allergy sufferers. It stands out as the first app to not only identify users’ allergies but also educate them about the causes of their symptoms. AllergyCast achieves this by analyzing pollen levels, weather conditions, and user-reported symptom data, creating a gamified experience for allergy management.

My Role

  • UX / UXD
  • Alexa Skill Dev

Awards & Mentions

  • Promolicious
  • Site of the day

Design Challenge


Design an intuitive, user-centric mobile application that provides real-time allergen level tracking and educates users about the specific causes of their allergy symptoms. The design should promote user engagement and retention by leveraging gamified experiences while ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the provided information.


With the rise in allergy sufferers globally, there’s a pressing need for a holistic solution that doesn’t just identify allergens but also provides education on their causes. The goal is to empower users with knowledge and actionable insights to better manage their health

  • User Profile and Customization: Allow users to create profiles where they can input specific allergies, thus personalizing the information and alerts they receive.
  • Real-time Tracking: Implement a system that monitors and updates pollen levels and other allergens in the user’s vicinity, offering real-time alerts and updates.
  • Educational Content: Design an in-app library or knowledge base where users can dive deeper into the causes of their allergies, potential remedies, and preventive measures.
  • Gamification: Incorporate gamified elements that reward users for regular check-ins, symptom tracking, and engagement with educational content.
  • User Feedback Mechanism: Allow users to report their symptoms, providing invaluable data for improving the app’s analytics and helping others in the community.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The design should prioritize ease of use, ensuring that even users unfamiliar with technology can navigate and benefit from the app.


A comprehensive, engaging mobile application that not only informs users of potential allergen threats but also educates and motivates them to take control of their allergy management journey.