User Experience Vetting in Advertising and Technology

By December 6, 2016Uncategorized

The term UX in its current incarnation was first coined by Don Norman in 1995, in his book “The Design Of Everyday Things”. He referred to “User Experienced Architect”  making that the fist time that term was used a professional title.  In 2007 with the release of the first iPhone and its revolutionary capacitive touchscreen, physical keyboards of other phones obsolete. provided a user experience far superior to that of any other contemporary phone. This inadvertently led to current business focuses on user experience. Today it’s become one of the fastest growing professional  segments within the advertising and technology.  One of the dangers that come with such a rapid adoption is that the vetting process of what makes a good UX professional is not clearly understood.  It needs to be considered that the discipline of user experience design goes far beyond a proficiency in a wireframing software, and the individuals who want to craft the users’ experience also need to have a breath or aesthetic and technical knowledge to truly make informed decisions.