Unity + Kinect + Oculus DK2 = Real VR

By February 18, 2016Uncategorized

We have had the oculus DK2 for a few months now and been messing around with it a bit in Unity 5. Unity five has added support of the rift and make it pretty simple to take any Unity project and render it stereoscopically with accelerometer control. To enable just go to File > Build Settings > Player Settings and look in the Setting  Box on the right. You will see two check boxes, one for “Stereoscopic Rendering ” and “Virtual Reality Supported” make sure they are selected. Assuming that the DK2 is installed correctly everything should work. For our experiments we were interested in creating a true virtual reality environment. By combining the new Microsoft Kinect Sensor ( unfortunately could only get it to work on PC ) openni, unity and oculus, we were able to create a unity simulation where the skeleton of the character mimics  the skeleton of the user, allowing them to interact kinematically with physically simulated objects. In addition by adding skeletal gesture recognition to ” look at” controls we can create a virtually interactive UI much like the ever popular “Minority Report” interface.