MIT Media Lab

By December 13, 2013MIT, Robotics, Uncategorized

Spent the week up at MIT Media Lab, marveling at volume and quality of innovation there. ┬áThere is truly such a variety of work. My favorite among the pantheons in the Mediated Matters Group. They are experimenting with all sorts of mediums and forms from Room sized 3d Printers to beez wax sculptures. Perhaps the most impressive is the silk pavillion, a 20′ diameter dome created by training silkworms to spin silk over a sparse infrastructure. Biomechatronics is also quite impressive, Scientists are using motion capture and muscle actuated mechanics to create prosthetic systems that behave very much like real limbs. There are a ton of interesting projects that I can’t mention because they are not out in the public domain yet but here are a few images of the ones I can.