Panoramic Timelapse Rig

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This was a quick experiment using a webcam and a raspberry pi to capture time-lapse footage.  We used the GPIO pins and a motor driver to trigger the stepper and capture the frame data from the webcam. The results were ok, but we found that the steps were not sufficient for a smooth video, a simple geared down servo would work much better.

LED Phone Pedistal

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A quick prototype for an LED phone pedestal using a proximity sensor to change the color of the LED when the phone is removed from the pedestal, This was a proof of concept for a much more elaborate installation featuring many phone on custom created clear pedestals.

MIT Media Lab

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Spent the week up at MIT Media Lab, marveling at volume and quality of innovation there.  There is truly such a variety of work. My favorite among the pantheons in the Mediated Matters Group. They are experimenting with all sorts of mediums and forms from Room sized 3d Printers to beez wax sculptures. Perhaps the most impressive is the silk pavillion, a 20′ diameter dome created by training silkworms to spin silk over a sparse infrastructure. Biomechatronics is also quite impressive, Scientists are using motion capture and muscle actuated mechanics to create prosthetic systems that behave very much like real limbs. There are a ton of interesting projects that I can’t mention because they are not out in the public domain yet but here are a few images of the ones I can.

Shapeoko 2 Build Part 1

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I received my Shapeoko 2 build in the mail from inventables today, I realized it would be in pieces, but but just how many pieces took my by surprise. I found that using a pencil to center the bearings before compressing them made it a little easier.  Check out a timelapse of the build here.

IRA Cheats Sheet

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I know allot of freelancers that get completely hammered by taxes each year. Investing, retirement accounts and such can be really complicated and involved. Here is a quick cheat sheet that gives an overview of the different types of accounts and how to utilize them.


The Promise Ring

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One of the more powerful parts of Javascript is it’s asynchronous nature. For those unfamiliar asynchronous  events are those occurring independently of the main program flow. Asynchronous actions are actions executed in a non-blocking scheme, allowing the main program flow to continue processing.  In the context of Node.js this is  very powerful but can sometimes be confusing. While I have used async in the past I have recently been exposed to Q another tool for composing asynchronous promises in Javascript.

Install Q

Install with NPM: npm install q

var q = require(‘q’);